Covid-19 and Disenfranchised Grief

A recent article by Fisher (2020) identified that many of us are suffering in silence, and as such, are at risk of prolonging the grief we are feeling as a result of the small, but accumulating losses, resultant from the pandemic.

There are many stories of tragic losses that people are suffering as a direct effect of covid (death of family members, loss of job). However, we are not hearing of the other many stories of losses (loss of the local swimming hole, loss of our usual routine). These losses are considered not “as serious” and thus remain unworthy of sharing, or discussing.

Unrecognising your loss is called disenfranchised grief, and if not acknowledged, can lead to prolonged suffering. So, I urge you, don’t minimise your feelings of loss. Find support and acknowledge your losses.


Fisher, J. (2020). With all our lives changing because of coronavirus, you could be experiencing disenfranchised grief. ABCNews.…/coronavirus-impact-on…/12477398

Photo by Roxane Roth on Unsplash