Sing in a Group – It’s good for your Health!

Katrina Andrews It’s long been known that singing as part of a group is good for your well-being! Batt-Rawden and Anderson (2019), Gick (2011), and Judd and Pooley (2014) are just some papers that evidence the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being that members enjoy including close social alliances and bonds between members, reduced stress, … Read more

Covid-19 and Disenfranchised Grief

A recent article by Fisher (2020) identified that many of us are suffering in silence, and as such, are at risk of prolonging the grief we are feeling as a result of the small, but accumulating losses, resultant from the pandemic. There are many stories of tragic losses that people are suffering as a direct … Read more

Nature Connectedness

In a recent trip to outback Queensland, myself and my partner went “off the beaten track”. We decided to take a right hand turn, and see where the road would take us.  The road was long and windy, sealed and unsealed.  Everytime we arrived at a crest, expecting to see a destination, we were met … Read more


Its RUOK day (10 Sept 2020), which is a day when we are all encouraged to check in with your mates, and give them the opportunity to be heard.  The official website,, encourages us all to: Ask, Listen, Encourage action, and Check in.  Ask “R U OK?”, then Listen without judgement and with patience, … Read more

The Hidden Trauma on our Roads

A recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald discussed a “hidden issue” on Australian roads that is not being addressed. That “hidden issue” is the trauma symptoms being experienced by our truckies following them being first on scene of a fatal or near fatal traffic accident, and being a “first responder” without having the skills … Read more