David GC Sweeney has a Diploma of Counselling Skills from a leading higher education provider in Australia. 

He is a member of various counselling associations including:

Australian Community Counselling Association of which he is the Vice President.

David has experience working with children, adolescent, young adult and older adult populations in various complaints including anxiety, depression, relationship problems, grief, trauma, and neurodevelopmental disorders (Autism Spectrum Disorder). He has a special interest in working with those whom are “accidental first responders”, or those who have been first on scene at a fatal or near-fatal motor vehicle accident.

David works from a person-centred framework, meaning he recognises that you, the client, are the expert in your own life.  He will help you remember what your strengths and aspirations are and once remembered, build a pathway back.

A safe path to a better life
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Phone David Now 0402 643 112

Email David Now salvagec@outlook.com