Salvage Counselling

Salvage your way to a better life

Salvage (meaning): Verb (1) To make something good out of a bad situation; (2) To reuse damaged or rejected goods; (3) To save item from destruction. Noun (1) The act of rescuing a ship, cargo or crew; (2) The act of saving something from loss or destruction.

Salvaging Canoe
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Salvage Counselling is a contemporary counselling practice built on the successful philosophy of salvaging. We understand that we all go through bad situations, or sometimes feel damaged or rejected.  At these times, Salvage Counselling can help “salvage” you. Salvage counselling can help you find the good out of the bad; help you find your new purpose, or simply help save you from despair.

The counselling team offer their counselling services in ways to suit your own circumstances. These include:

  1. Face to face counselling in private offices at The Boulevard, 17 Limestone St, Ipswich. This offers you free off-road parking.
  2. Telephone or Video counselling, ensuring your confidentiality and privacy is assured. Just ring on the below number to organise a time.
  3. Snapchat counselling, by searching for “Salvage Counselling” on the snapchat mobile app. This app was chosen for its added privacy features, including the conversation being automatically deleted once the session is over.

Phone Now: 0401 861 195

Email Now: salvagec@outlook.com

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